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FX Empire offers highly customized advertising packages catering to individual broker needs. We build packages around our client business needs focusing on geo-targeting and diverse partnership models, in order to deliver clients with the best possible results.

Aligning your brand with FX Empire is an excellent way to propel your broker to the next level, while also building trust with traders.

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About Us

FX Empire is a well-known financial website that was established in 2011. Since then it has brought news, data and analysis to hundreds of thousands of traders across the globe.

Available in 15 languages, FX Empire offers real-time news pieces covering the global financial markets, as well as analysis, quotes, charts, and in-depth information across tens of thousands of financial instruments. Additionally, the site is a trusted hub for providing professional and comprehensive reviews on all the major brokerage brands across the online trading industry.

FX Empire, as a news provider, has become a leading light in the online trading arena, with content being regularly quoted and shared on other major financial sites including, but not limited to, Yahoo Finance and Nasdaq.com.

Through our depth and breadth of coverage and global reach, FX Empire has become a source of high-quality traffic, supported by an ever-expanding reader base. Our website is a venue for both targeted and organic traffic, comprised of traders worldwide.

Main traffic sources

Main traffic sources

Advertising Opportunities

FX Empire offers a wide selection of advertising options across the site. Clients may choose from the broker directory, banners, best tables, push notifications. promotional mailers, native ads and more. If you are not sure what best suits your needs, we are able to customize a package to cater for your individual needs.

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Broker Directory

The Broker Directory forms the backbone of the FX Empire network. It is well-read across the globe, by traders looking for trusted recommendations on which brokers to trade with. It is packed with facts and details on each broker, including their trading conditions, user experience, unique selling points and an in-depth overview of their offering. As such they have become a go-to resource for online traders.

Our expert panel of analysts delivers reviews of brokers in both written and video form. These improve conversion rates and the overall lifetime trader value that many of our clients experience. Additionally, the reviews deliver credibility to your firm through association with FX Empire, a leading portal.

The broker review is a stepping stone to the advanced advertising offerings we make available on FX Empire.
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brand review

In-Depth Brand Review

An objective and comprehensive written analysis conducted by an expert analyst, exploring the broker’s offering and product.

brand review

Broker Filter and Comparison

A way to drill down and filter by different parameters and broker features which forms a comparison tool when comparing two or more brokers. This tool, by emphasizing the advantages of the broker, assists the user to find the most suitable broker, catering for individual needs.

video review

Video Review

A professionally narrated 8+ minutes HD video review and walkthrough of the broker’s website and trading platform.

Show Brand Trust

Show Brand Trust

The reviews are objective, detailed and informative. Rankings are based on organic search engine results and as such serve as a powerful marketing tool.

Intelligent User Reviews

Intelligent User Reviews

Our in-house proprietary review system, which permits authentic user feedback, forms the user review section. This tool enables a dialogue between the broker and the user and permits the broker’s right to reply. All users are verified and all comments are moderated and reviewed by our in-house team.

The Social Proof

The Social Proof

The review acts as “proof of intent” when reaching out to new customers and further enhance relationships between the broker and new customers.

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Promotional Opportunities

Here you will find our available advertising options.
The majority of ad units run across the entire network and are sold in either a CPM or flat fee model.

Best Tables
main banner


Our Best Tables are very targeted and well ranked in Google. Below you may see a few of our Best Tables presented by category.

Pricing method: Flat fee

close main banner main banner


We offer brokers advertising banners across the site in varying sizes. Our banners are placed in positions which are proven to be highly converting according to the user experience and user interaction. Our banners have the ability to deliver complex graphics and widgets, with no compromise on speed or quality of delivery. The banners run across various pages on the site.

Pricing Method: CPM Acceptable Formats: HTML5, JS, Gif, iFrame, JPG

Available Banners

main banner main banner main banner


Recommended broker tables are an excellent way to gain traction and brand awareness for your broker in a native way. They sit naturally and appear across the site. Your broker will appear in the most suitable categories to your brand across the website and are highly clickable.

Pricing method: Flat fee Acceptable Formats: Transparent PNG

* Please note: The recommended brokers table is not offered to all partners. The decision is taken by our content team.

Available Recommended Broker

Native Ads
Push Notifications
Promotional Mailers


native native native

News / Education Page



Native ads work in harmony with the website and specifically the content structure in which they appear. Native ads offer high conversion rates, particularly when the advertiser creates a matching landing page, which correlates with the spirit of the content.

Pricing Method: CPM Acceptable Formats: Static Image

Available Native Spots



Our webinars are considered as a leading resource to many traders, both as a tool for educational development and topical market news. We allow clients to host webinars on FX Empire, which we heavily promote in the run-up. We promote them through Native Ads, mailer campaigns and targeted push notifications. All of the leads that arise through the webinar are of course yours to use freely after the webinar takes place.

Pricing Method: Flat Fee

push notification


A premium advertising format which pushes messages to our readers who have opt into this service, even when they are not on the website. This medium allows you to send engaging and promotional messages to over 70K of our subscribers, both through mobile and desktop. The notifications can be highly geo-targeted to offer even further value.

Pricing Method: Flat Fee



Mail blasts are an excellent way to target hundreds of thousands of our readers, who have specifically opted-in to this service. You send us the mailer design in HTML and we send it to our pre-registered users.

Pricing Method: Flat Fee Acceptable Formats: HTML

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